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Journalist Mark Taylor-Canfield Interviews Hordur Torfason: "Iceland's Peaceful Revolution"

Published August 1, 2012

Journalist Mark Taylor-Canfield Interviews Icelandic Activist Hordur Torfason about the peaceful revolution in Iceland (2008 - 2012) which resulted in the resignation of the government, the prosecution and jailing of bankers, and a brand new constitution! Hordur Torfason in an actor/musician/activist. He is credited with almost single-handedly inspiring the revolution by refusing to leave the area outside the parliament until his questions were answered by the politicians and his three demands were met.

This interview was conducted August 1, 2012 @

Mark Taylor-Canfield's activism and music has been covered by CBS News, NPR, The Washington Post, etc.

Mark Taylor-Canfield is a regular contributing guest on many national media programs, including the Thom Hartmann Show @ Free Speech TV (,Norman Goldman SHow, Mike Malloy Show, Leslie Marshall Show, Nicole Sandler, Filter Free Radio, Space Dog Radio, etc.

Mark Taylor-Canfield writes @ Huffington Post and Daily Kos.

Mark has been a reporter @ Free Speech Radio News on the Pacifica Network since 2007.

Mark's writing has been published by The Seattle Times, Alternet, Truthout, CounterPunch, Op-ed News, Crosscut, etc.

Photojournalist Ted Warren's picture of Mark burning his Bank of America card at an Occupy Wall Street protest went viral and helped inspire others to cut up their cards and divest from Wall Street banks.

Mark hosts a regular weekly national press briefing @
In 2012 Mark won a federal civil rights lawsuit against the Washington State Patrol after he was illegally detained and "banned" from demonstrations at the state capitol. At the time, Mark was covering the sit-ins at the governor's office for several national radio programs. He was wearing a press badge...

Mark was represented by the Seattle law firm Keller-Rohrback.

Federal District Court judge Robert J. Bryan ruled in Mark's favor, stating that the WSP's actions were unconstitutional and violated freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

In April 2011 Mark participated in a six day sit-in at the state capitol with the group "Occupy Washington" - long before the Occupy Wall Street movement had been born nationally.

On July 4th 2012, during the Occupy National Gathering in Philadelphia, he wrote a "Declaration of Independence from Wall Street".

Mark's testimony before the FCC on corporate media consolidation:

He started as a civil rights activist and musician - and became a journalist by default because somebody had to do it - no one was reporting on the stories in his community in Seattle and he knew these issues deserved news coverage - that's why Mark volunteered to help create the news dept at KBCS. At KBCS Mark hosted a one hour syndicated news program - One World Report".

Marks first real experience on the streets with grassroots journalism was the birth of the Seattle Independent Media Center during the mass protests against the World Trade Organization in 1999 (Seattle). Mark was a founding member of the Committee For Local Government Accountability which investigated mass civil rights violations during the demonstrations. Their civil right's group's report was forwarded to William Kunstler at the Center For Constitutional Rights.

A few years ago Mark Taylor-Canfield was involved with a political stunt with the Yes Men - I won't go into detail because the video can be found on their website, but they did a Bank of America spoof where the actors impersonated BOA executives. Mark was the reporter who kept asking the fake BOA executives whether they supported the 40 mountain top removal projects they had invested their clients money into. To make a long story short, one man got arrested and another chained himself to the Bank of America branch. The Yes Men sent out a press release on BOA stationary praising environmentalism and green technology. It took about 24 hours for the news media to figure out that the entire thing had been a hoax.

Here are some news stories in national media quoting Mark Taylor-Canfield about the Occupy Wall Street movement:

Producer Journalist Mark Taylor-Canfield,, Dean Edwards/Occupy Oregon, Nancy Corber/Project Economy, Mark Armstrong
Production Company Project Economy, Nancy Corber
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English
Contact Information Mark Taylor-Canfield Independent Journalist Seattle, WA USA


Interviewer: Mark Taylor-Canfield
Subject of Interview: Hordur Torfason - Icelandic Revolution
Director: Michelle Glass
Producers: Dean Edwards/Occupy Oregon, Nancy Corber/Project Economy
Technician: Mark Armstrong.


Images of Hordur Torfason in Reykjavik, Iceland
Live Skype Images of Mark Taylor-Canfield in Seattle, WA USA


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Community Video
by Mark Taylor-Canfield
Community Video
by Journalist Mark Taylor-Canfield,, Dean Edwards/Occupy Oregon, Nancy Corber/Project Economy, Mark Armstrong
Community Video
Community Video
by Mark Taylor-Canfield
Community Video
by Mark Taylor-Canfield